Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Update: Its Been Awhile.

So life got really busy...
things kinda just blew up at the hair salon where I work. And when I say "blew up" I mean it in a good way. For the past three weeks now we've had a TON of new clients and things have just been nonstop. One week I was here EVERY day working crazy hours and just getting very tired.
Did I stop working out since I finished the 30 Day Shred?
No! NO I did not!

I started the Ripped in 30 and I am on Day 3 of Week 2.

Ripped in 30 is a little different then the shred because it goes by Week 1-4 instead of Levels. I didn't like Week 1 very much and it took me about a week and a half to do it just because I didn't have time. And when I did, I needed to sleep and not workout.

This week I wanted to do it EVERY day but my body had other ideas again. It decided to rebel against me since I"ve been pushing it so hard and I got sick =/ I did it Saturday, Sunday and Monday but skipped Tuesday and I don't know if I'll be able to do it today either. Its so discouraging to miss days in a row. It makes me mad at myself. But I know I need to listen to my body. And right now its telling me "please let me sleep".

I'll just keep plugging along and even if I don't get to finish this one in 30 days I WILL finish it.

I'm enjoying Week Two much more then Week One.
I didn't really like alot of the moves in week one but week two has some cool ones and I can do most of them and they're pretty fun even! I'll be sad when I have to move up to Week Three. But who knows, maybe I"ll like those even more!

I'm down to 125 pounds so its those last ten that take the longest to come off. I'm still staying around 1200 cals a day but I've noticed I go over my sugar and carb intake often. I think thats why I still have a bit of a muffin top instead of a six pack, haha.

I know I need to clean up my diet even more and I think I want to add on a ab workout to target those lower abs.
That and hit the gym more often. I've only gone three times in the past two weeks. Thats not good enough!

First...I need to get better tho. Until then!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ripped In 30: Level One. Day One.

Okay, so everyone who said this workout was like the 30 Day Shred was wrong. This was way harder. It was comparable to Level Three in the Shred. And this is just Level ONE!
I know the first few days are always the hardest but man, this workout sure kicked my butt.

It was a hot hot day and I didn't work out in AC so I think I may have overheated a bit. I also made the mistake of drinking iced coffee like ten mins beforehand. Bad bad idea. I won't be doing that again.

So yeah. Level One Day One happened. It was tough and it was hard to power through. But I think tomorrow will be a bit better because I'll be more careful about feeding my body the correct thing beforehand. I'll do a more indepth post tomorrow!

Thirty Day Shred Challenge:Conquered!

I DID IT!!!!

Thirty Days DONE!
I thought once I finished this workout I would never want to work out again but I'm already planning my next thirty days.

Now the results weren't as amazing as I had hoped but as my finacee reminded me today, they are pretty awesome for just thirty days.

Sooooo here are the results. And also these will be my starting stats for the Ripped In 30 DVD which I am starting today. I think I'll blog that also, just cuz it really helps keep me accountable.

These stats are after completing Day Two and also after starting to work out at the gym and eat healthier for about a month. My starting weight at the very beginning of starting to work out was about 138-140.
Starting Weight: 132
Arms: 11
Thighs: 24
Stomach (belly button): 35
Hips: 37
Bust: 36.5
Waist(smallest part): 29.5
Butt: 39
Love handles(widest part): 36

And now for the AFTERS! 
Weight: 128-129
Arms: 11 (no change there, buuuut they are MUCH more definded and no fat)
Thighs: 21 -3
Stomach (belly button): 32 -3
Hips: 34 -3
Bust: 35 -1.5
Waist(smallest part): 27.5 -2
Butt: 38 -1
Love handles(widest part): 35 -1

Grand Totals: 14.5 inches and 3 pounds!

After Pictures: 

and that is me flexing, this is how I wished I looked all the time, without flexing. Buuut maybe I'll get a little closer to looking like this all the time after another 30 days!!!

Some side by sides:


So there ya have it. Now onto the next 30 days...One thing I really want to do is DRINK MORE WATER in these next 30 Days. I feel like I would have lost more weight if I had been able to drink more water. So I'm going to also blog how much water I drink every day to help me drink more.

That and I'm going to make sure to take at least one rest day every week because the only day I took off was ONE wednesday during the Shred and I've been reading alot about how its really much better for your body to have some rest days.

I'm very proud of myself for completing the program and only missing one day and I can't wait to start up this new one.
Ripped in 30 here I Come!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Days 27, 28 and 29: They All Happened.

So I haven't had a chance to blog these past few days but I DID do my workout! I've just been so busy. Which is good, but tiring.

Today is my very last day on the 30 Day Shred. I'm super proud of myself for making it 30 Days. I bought the Ripped in 30 DVD today so I'll have something to start when I finish up this one. I really love the way this workout has made me feel and I'm liking the results altho they aren't as GREAT as I'd hoped for, they are REALLY REALLY good.

I'll take final measurements/pics tomorrow. My plan is to either go to the gym or do the Ripped in 30 every day for the next month. So that way I'm getting my workout in but not feeling like I have to do both.

So, as far as the last few days, I've really been trying to engage my core, because thats where I need the most work. I've been pushing myself to do all the advanced moves and I'm FEELIN' it.

The best news is that I can now do REAL sit-ups. I can only do them while doing the workout because at the point she has you do them you're really warmed up, but I'm sure proud I can! I don't think I've ever done a real sit-up in my whole life, so I'm happy about that.

This has really motavted me to do even better. How far I've come is not enough, I must do better! I do my last day of the 30. WOOHOO!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Day 26 happened after an eleven hour day of work. But I wasn't too tired and I brought it and I brought it hard! I did as many of the advanced moves as I could. The only ones I can't do are the jumping lunges, the pushups and the traveling pushups.
I'm realizing there are parts of this workout I really hate and others that I don't mind as much.
I like the dumbbell cleans, they are easy for me and they make me feel good. I HATE the Supermans. Breathing helps, but I really just don't like those ones. I go alot slower then the girls on the DVD. I also struggle with the flutterbys. I can do them all the way thru it just REALLY hurts me.
I was able to do all the cardio moves with the weights today. That is a hard hard interval so I feel good when I'm able to complete it.
The plank move where you pull the dumbbells then lift your leg still kills me. I struggle with keeping a good plank form with that one.

The next day I woke up sore, but a good kind of sore.
The other good thing that's been happening is while I am tired at the end of the workout, I'm not totally dead. I don't have to just lay down and recover, I can move around and do things. My endurance just keeps going up and I love that.

I only have FOUR more days left. Wow. I cannot believe I've been able to do this and I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm actually blogging yesterdays workout right now and I'm about to go do todays. Pinterest is a great motivator. I always look at "Fitness" boards to get pumped up to workout.

I've decided on doing Jillian's Ripped In 30 DVD next. It had four levels and you stay on each Level for one week. I'm going to pick that up on Sunday cuz Sunday will be my last Shred day. I'm going to take at least one day a week off this time, I've been reading alot about how your body needs a rest day. Either that or do it every other day, depending on my schedule.

Alrighty, lets go shred!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 25: Not My Best Day.

So after blogging yesterday about how I really wanted to bang out this workout and push myself and do my best I feel like I totally failed todays workout. Starting last night my stomach really just hurt. I didn't really feel like throwing up or anything just ugh, yuck. I woke up three times during the night with stomach pains and it still hurt in the morning. I also had a terrible headache. I tried drinking some ginger ale to settle things down...eating an apple, but that didnt work. I just took it easy all morning, watched a movie and just relaxed. Still, didn't feel good. I decided I'd try to get the workout in before heading off to work cuz I wouldnt be home again til about nine.

I made it thru but I didn't push myself. I took a few breaks and didn't do as many reps as I usually could. By the last cardio interval I was barely moving. I did keep myself moving but I wasn't jumping very high. I knew I was just doing all the movements half way but I just didn't feel good. My head was still pounding and my tummy hurt and I was overheating. It was no fun.

I don't know if I"ll have a chance to do my workout tomorrow. It may have to be my second day skipped in these 30 days, it all depends on what time I get home cuz I have a 9-8 day of work on Wednesday. Then I have a class on Thursday from 9-4 and then out to celebrate 11 months with my fiancee, but I WILL get my workout in and I WILL DO BETTER.

There's only five more days of this and I'm actually really glad. I don't like Level 3 very much to be honest. I don't know if I'll continue to do this DVD after the 30 days. I"m thinking of getting a different one to do cuz I am kinda sick of this one honestly. I also miss going to the gym because alot of times I don't have enough time to do both so I end up just doing the shred.

Well, next week will be the finishing point, I'll take my final pics and measurements! Woohoo! That will be a good day. Then onto the next workout-this must not end here!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Days 23 and 24! Done and Done. Only a week left?

Day 23:
Me and the fiancee took a four mile walk today! A month ago I probally wouldnt have had the stamina and would have wanted to quit halfway through but I did it no problem and even got in my workout later that night. I've been trying to do as many of the non modified moves as I can. The only ones I have to modify are the traveling pushups, the situps and the jumping lunges. Other then that I can do all the moves the whole way through.

I must say the Supermans are VERY hard for me. I really have to concentrate on my breathing and I don't go as fast as the girls on the DVD. I can make it through the whole cardio part where you have to hold the dumbbells so I'm happy about that.

Sweat POURS off me now. Its not the same kind of sweat as before, like just my body heating up so I sweat its like WORKOUT sweat. During the last strength segment sweat is literally dripping out onto the floor EVERY SINGLE TIME. It makes me feel like I'm a real working out pro...even tho I'm not, it just seems like it because I really have come so far!

I measured again today and I've lost more inches and am down to 128 pounds! Eight more to go for my first goal and then another five to ten, we'll see.

Day 24:
Another walk because it was an amazing day out, this one three miles with some jogging also. We also played some football, soccer and golf in the backyard.
I really am having trouble pushing myself in my workouts now. I feel myself getting sore or tired and I don't bring it as hard as I should. I'm still sweating and hurting and grunting and groaning and feeling like I'm going to die, but I just feel like I could do better. Sometimes I wish Jillain would come through the TV and tell me if I'm doing a good job or if I have to push myself harder.
I hate the part where she says, "you should be seeing your abs coming in about now" Cuz I don't see any abs...everythings smaller but my tummy is def still there.

I've been working out regularly and eating right for about two months now and lost quite a bit of weight and inches I just have to remind myself to keep up with it and not expect awesome results right awhile. The first ten pounds are the easiest and then its more of maintaining and toning. I had alot of work to do to get the weight off and now within this next month or so I want to get another eight pounds off and start to see some tone on my body. I've done really well so far, I can keep it up.

First- gotta finish this 30 Day Shred and then move on to an every other day thing or maybe the Ripped in 30 DVD, I've heard good things about that one, as well as Jillians Yoga. I like Yoga alot so maybe that.

Jeremy said to me that we should do the Insanity DVD's or P90X and I was like "yeah right! ask me that next year, if I keep working out like this then MAYBE I'll be ready for one of those." Those things are WAYYY INTENSE. I'll stick with my 30 Day Shred for now.